Monday, July 25, 2005


Noelex 22
A trailer yacht is normally stored on its trailer at home, on the front lawn. This saves parking (marina) charges which can be very expensive. It also avoids marine growth like barnacles on the hull. During winter it is also convenient for the owner to do some work inside the boat without having to drive long distances to the marina (boat park).

hook up

To get the boat into the water is simple. Remove the jockey wheel and connect the trailer to the tow ball at the rear of the car and tow the boat to the boat ramp. The trailer wheels are located near the fulcrum so that one man can do the job easily. The Noelex 22 has a displacement of 726 kg.


Remember to install the towing lights panel at the rear of the boat and attach a streamer to the end of the mast. I used tapes from an old VHS video cassette.

rigging up

On arrival at the boat ramp, remove the towing lights, raise the mast, connect the boom, raise sails and step the rudder. The whole rigging up process takes about an hour to complete. All this can be done by one man because the Noelex 22 is designed for a single hander. However, the large cockpit can accommodate 3 or more adults if necessary.

Down the ramp

If there is wind, furl and secure the sails before launching. Ensure that the rudder is locked in the "UP" position before backing slowly down the ramp until the boat is almost afloat and trailer wheel almost half submerged and the towing car's rear wheel just touching the sea water.

tilting trailer

For sailing on a fresh water lake, reverse the car and trailer down the boat ramp into the water until the boat is afloat. Push the boat off the trailer into the water completely. Be sure to hold the painter firmly until the boat is clear of the trailer. Secure the painter to a post or beach the boat. Recover and park the car and trailer.


Lower the rudder and the centre board (keel),  start engine, cast off and motor clear of the marina, raise sails, cut motor and sail away. 

For recovering the boat, follow launch sequence back to front:-
First the empty trailer is backed down the ramp and immersed into the water until half the trailer wheels are submerged. Guide the bow onto the trailer. Use the 10:1 hand winch on the trailer to pull the boat up completely. Secure the boat to the trailer, drive up the ramp slowly (look out for power lines and overhanging branches). Park the car, rig down the sails, boom, rudder and mast. Secure all loose items, connect signal panel and test the brakes/turning lights are working, before driving home.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sailing under jib and main

Normally when sailing alone, I do not bother with raising the spinnaker, unless I were on Lake Tarawera or Taupo where there are great distances to cover under light wind conditions. I use a light wooden pole for hiking the clew to opposite side of the main.
Going to hot water beach on Tarawera, under spinnaker, in light winds. The boat is sailing down wind and is flat with hardly any heeling.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sunday regatta at Lake Ngaroto

I have to wait a long time to get this photo! Many thanks to Ross Wren for helping out.